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April 23, 2017

Meatcow Maker is now available from White Noise Press as a hand-crafted, 28-page chapbook, limited to just 150 copies.  Click here to buy. This is one of my more unusual stories, and it was fun to write.

On a future Earth sterilized by nuclear apocalypse, two men hike across the desert. Nove the meatcow follows his master, Jebediah, to the last human settlement practicing the ancient art of crop cultivation. Growing food disrupts the symbiosis between meatcow-master couples such as them. Nove worries about his future. Jebediah wouldn’t dare abandon him … would he?

“An apocalyptic nightmare, but so much more! Weird, wonderful, wildly inventive, and ultimately heartbreaking. I loved every word of Matthew Warner’s Meatcow Maker.”
Richard Chizmar, author of A Long December and co-author with Stephen King of Gwendy’s Button Box


Interview about PLAN 9

April 3, 2017

Hu Media interviewed John Johnson and me at our April 1 appearance at the French Press. Check it out:

MEATCOW MAKER Cover Revealed

April 3, 2017

White Noise Press has revealed the wraparound cover for Meatcow Maker, the limited edition chapbook it’s publishing soon. The cover art is by Deena Warner and the cover design is by Keith Minnion.

Meatcow Maker

Win a Rare NO OUTLET Copy

March 27, 2017

In celebration of my Facebook page accumulating over 2000 likes, I’m giving away one (1) ultra-rare copy of the Thunderstorm Books edition of NO OUTLET. Details at this link.

A Night of PLAN 9

March 11, 2017

Plan 9John Johnson and I will give a joint appearance at The French Press to talk about the PLAN 9 movie he directed and my novelization of it. Expect behind-the-scenes footage, a reading from the novel, and some interesting Q&A.

Saturday, April 1
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The French Press
134 N Wayne Ave, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980


Interviewed for Article about Martial Arts Schools

February 25, 2017

My local newspaper, the News Leader, interviewed me as part of a massive piece coming out tomorrow about Staunton martial arts schools. The online version, which you can read here, has some sweet video of my instructor throwing my ass to the ground. No, I was not suspended from school growing up.

The Lovecraft Chronicles, Vol. 2, Premiere

February 20, 2017

If you’re in Roanoke, VA, this weekend, catch Darkstone Entertainment’s premiere of The Lovecraft Chronicles, Vol. 2. I helped director John Johnson write the four short film scripts.

Starring Mariah Johnson and Donnie Sturges, this is the sequel anthology to the volume that came out seven years ago. It’s about the descendants of horror writers hunting down the monsters created by their ancestors, which have been mysteriously brought to life.

The films will show at midnight on Friday and Saturday night at the MystiCon SciFi Horror Fantasy Convention.

The Organ Donor to be Reprinted in 2017

December 30, 2016

Bloodshot Books and I have signed a deal to reprint my first novel, The Organ Donor, in 2017, in eBook and trade paperback. This will be a 15th anniversary edition with a new author’s afterword. (It will also be a great opportunity for me to correct any lingering typos!) Cover artist to be announced.

They knew it was wrong to purchase a kidney off the Chinese black market. But what the Taylor brothers didn’t know was that its unwilling donor was an executed prisoner—and an immortal 5,000-year-old being from Chinese mythology. Pursuing them to Washington, DC, this ancient king will stop at nothing to recover what was once his.

Inspired by the true story of how the People’s Republic of China sells organs harvested from its deathrow prisoners.

“I couldn’t believe how good it was. . . . Matt Warner took the used up idea and sowed a story full of old myths born anew. . . . The Organ Donor is a straight-on modern classic of Horror.”
Feo Amante. To read the entire review, click here.

PLAN 9 Finally in DVD

December 15, 2016

Plan 9The long-awaited release of the PLAN 9 movie in physical media happens on Jan. 5, when Walmart will stock it in stores. When you get it, don’t forget to buy the novelization.

Meatcow Maker Novelette Coming Spring 2017

December 11, 2016

White Noise Press has acquired Meatcow Maker, a novelette they plan to publish as a limited-edition chapbook in spring 2017. The press release calls it “a startlingly original tale guaranteed to make vegans of us all!” Deena Warner will provide the cover art.

When publisher Keith Minnion commissioned me to write the piece, he requested “the most extreme, out there, outrageous story you have ever written, in whatever genre you choose, hopefully something that no other market in their right mind would touch with a ten-foot halberd.”

I think I gave him what he wanted.