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Halloween News

October 31, 2016

What, nothing about the election this time, Matt? That’s right, I’m here to make you happy! Three quick items.

  • I’m hard at work on a new project for White Noise Press, a “publisher of hand-crafted, limited edition unique fiction & art since 2006.” Editor Keith Minnion posted this comment on Facebook this morning:

    Next up from White Noise Press, releasing in the Spring of 2017, a new story by Matthew Warner. Here is what we asked from Matt:

    “What I would like is the most extreme, out there, outrageous story you have ever written, in whatever genre you choose, hopefully something that no other market in their right mind would touch with a ten-foot halberd. My only restrictions are: no child-in-peril or domestic/sexual abuse as a plot point. I would like to publish it in the March-April timeframe, but if it takes longer, no biggie.”

    We also are fortunate to be able to feature Matt’s better half, the multi-talented Deena Warner, who will be doing the cover art.

    On the way from White Noise Press!

    I was quite relieved to receive his message as I was concerned about the propriety of what I’m writing for him. But now, I am . . . unshackled. (Sorry, couldn’t resist an election reference.)

  • h2016-large

  • Deena’s collectible Halloween card is in the mail. It features a story by Monica J. O’Rourke as disturbing as Deena’s illustration. This has been an annual tradition for 15 years. Deena’s M.O. is to draw or paint something and then invite someone to write a story based on it. I wrote “Life Insurance” for her in 2005; you can read it in Dominoes in Time. The card is free; just sign up to get one next year.
  • Over at Deena Warner Design, we launched a major website for Richard Chizmar today. Another major website launches this week for another well-known author. I can’t say who it is except he strongly resembles Santa Claus. We have a special going on for economically priced websites, you authors and publishers out there.

Deena Warner Design’s new website

October 14, 2016

Alas, I do have a day job in addition to writing. Fortunately, it’s still in the publishing biz. If you’re also in the biz, please take a moment to visit our new company website.


Responsive Reckoning Day

April 14, 2015

This LinkedIn post says it all: “April 21, 2015 – Responsive Reckoning Day with Google . . . It’s official. Non-responsive sites will start ranking lower in Google mobile search.”


So I’ve just spent the past two days pulling my hair out reprogramming this website’s CSS file. The good news is Google’s Mobile Friendly Test says I now pass the grade. To experience the awesomeness for yourself, just grab the right side of your browser window and slowly make it narrower.

Consider this your PSA to get your website affairs in order by April 21! I have visions of Google secret police breaking into houses everywhere, cackling maniacally, as they scream about CSS armageddon. Yeah, it could happen, you know.

Articles Freebies

February 16, 2015

The goes with my last post. I’ve collected links to some of my non-fiction articles that are still available as free reads. Enjoy!

Short Story Freebies

February 16, 2015

I’ve collected links to some of my short stories that are still available as free reads. Aren’t I generous? Most are audio adaptations. Enjoy!

What’s Old is New Again

February 14, 2015

I’ve resurrected my Mad Libs-style game from the Horror World days. Click below to play, and enjoy!

A Mad Libs-style game.

A Mad Libs-style game.

YouTube Channel Updated

February 5, 2015

My YouTube channel (finally organized!) has a bunch of my stuff aggregated in one place. Enjoy.

You Sank My . . .

March 31, 2014

battleship_illustrationFrom the I Am Secretly A Geek Department, today I launched an online player-versus-computer Battleship game I programmed myself. Click here to play.

I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell did I so horribly violate my available time to build something like this? The damage is worse than you think. I wrote over 2000 lines of code in HTML, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS, and I expended enough hours to have written most of a novel. And it’s not like I’m opting for a career as a game designer or that I expect to make any money from the endeavor.

It began a couple years ago. I had a great time making the Haunted House Adventure, a puzzle game set in my home, and wanted to try something else. Deena one night suggested we play a pencil-and-paper version of Battleship to amuse ourselves, and that’s when I wondered if the experience could be duplicated online.

I gave up on a player-versus-player version after a couple months. While I had a member-management system in place and dreams of turning it into a Facebook app, there were two fundamental problems. First, it wasn’t completely hack-proof. How could I safeguard private user data and prevent people from cheating? Second, people would get bored playing online Battleship as a turned-based game unless they were both online at the same time.

So, I put it down until this year, when the idea came up of programming an artificial intelligence to play against. From there, I learned things like the value of using flowcharts to work out boolean logic before ever laying down a single line of code.

I don’t have a good answer to the question posed above. Why spend time on something like this? Sure, it has collateral benefit to Deena Warner Design in that I’ve sharpened my object-oriented-programming skills. But this wasn’t “writing” unless you consider programming to be writing.

Well, I don’t like leaving things undone, for one. But it was also fun. Why spend time on any creative project in which creation is the only point?

The pleasure of making something for the making’s sake is an attitude I hope to cultivate in anything I build, whether it’s writing-related or not.

George R. R. Martin Website

April 3, 2013

Exciting news from my other job as a partner in my wife’s business. Last week, we launched a revamped website for author George R.R. Martin to synch with HBO’s premiere of GAME OF THRONES, season 3. Maybe soon we’ll get around to redesigning our own website.

Obligatory Annoying Year-End Wrap Up

December 9, 2012

Ha ha! My year-end wrap up is the first one out! I beat all you bitches to the end of the year! In your face!

And you know why? Because I’m actually writing this from the future. It’s January 2013 here, and through the magic of my blog’s “scheduling” feature, I’m able to publish this entry in the past. That’s right; my website skills are that badass.

Oh, yeah, sorry. The news. Yes, we survived the Mayan apocalypse. (This was thanks in part to Desmond Miles, who touched the silver sphere of bad writing and protected us from the solar flares. Or something.)

But below is the real news, the headlines that matter most to me:

  1. Deena and I successfully dragged our eldest son through basic potty training. The significance of this achievement cannot be overstated. He’s now in his first year of preschool and learning which words he can only say in the bathroom or his bedroom. For the record, they are pee, poop, butt, and fart.
  2. We also passed the milestones of our fifth year running a successful website- and print-design business and our ninth wedding anniversary. We hear all the time that all married couples fight, but honestly, we don’t know where they’re coming from. Maybe they didn’t marry the right people.
  3. I ran my first 5K without dying of a heart attack.
  4. I lost ten pounds this summer while massively landscaping my front and back yards. My new flower beds are covered with rocks and rubber mulch to ensure they remain sterile and lifeless. Deena’s new Bigfoot statue (Bigfoot is exactly the size of a one-year-old; who knew?) stands guard against any spontaneous generation.
  5. It took a few months, but Deena and I finished redesigning this website. Aside from granting me godlike powers, the homepage features a sliding slideshow widget that I programmed from scratch.
  6. Writing-wise, I endured the first production of my two-act stage play, saw a long-gestating novella get published, and co-wrote an experimental web movie.

In 2013, there will be things like a new novel published (more on that later) and other ongoing writing projects. And since I just now read my 2013 summation, written by my future self, I expect it all to go swimmingly.

Happy holidays!