Zombie dog

October 6, 2012

After I got home from running my first my 5K this morning (33:46), some asshole Rottweiler attacked me right as I was getting out of my car. I was already halfway to the front door and couldn’t get back in to my vehicle. He blocked the way between me and the door. . . . And half of his abdomen was a big open hole. I could see his ribs and his internal organs. No shit.

Funny how much running capacity you can find even when you’re tired. He chased me down the street.

I brained him with piece of wood from neighbor’s wood pile. And I mean that, literally. Brains and blood splashed out from the impact and covered my forearms. The dog’s skull must have been as brittle as balsa wood.

When got I home, called the police department’s animal control officer and left a message. I debated whether to also call 911.

Then I figured what the hell and Googled “zombie dog.” I found this link. Oh, man, are we in for it.

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