Matthew Warner

Pictures from October

[copied from my old Myspace blog]

Here’s a couple dispatches from the October front.  Stephen Mark Rainey and I were table mates at the Book Em book fair in Waynesboro, VA, last weekend.  Here I am practicing my customer service skills:

We were also panelists on the “Road to Publication” panel, where we spent most of our time railing against the evils of self-publishing.  Here, I guess we’re laughing with condescending politeness at something said by an audience member.  Meanwhile, a halo of eyeballedness hovers around my head.  Aren’t we just awesome.

And finally, last night, Deena and I got into our Halloween getups:

My, grandma, what big hairy arms you have.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but I’m wearing big wolf ears and antique glasses.  I also wore Deena’s house slippers, which made me walk funny–I suppose like a wolf up on his hind legs.