Programming little online games is one of my hobbies. I hope you enjoy these! Click one to play.

Virtual Reality

on Horizon Worlds


Kite. Fly a kite and play two minigames: RandoSphere and LaserEyes.

Music Composer

Music Composer. Insert pegs into staves to make music.

Teleporter Gun

Teleporter Gun gaming asset. Reposition the ends of a wormhole. Launchers Competition 2021 honorable mention. with Jay Haynes


Skydiving. Parachute from a plane. Achievements for speed and accuracy. with Jay Haynes

Head World

Head World. Explore a fantasy environment with flying carpets, fireworks, eye lasers, and more. with Jay Haynes, Alex Chandler

Explore the Solar System

Explore the Solar System.

Chess Parlor

Chess Parlor. with Jay Haynes. | Trailer

Interactive Fiction

Second Wind

Parser text adventure. Journey across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to get medical help for your pregnant wife. IFComp2021 34th place. (Walk-thru | IFDB Review)

Omelet Miner

Parser text adventure. Fight off laser gun-wielding assassins while tunneling through a 3-D cube.

Collaborate with AI

Collaborate with artificial intelligence to write a story.

A Mad Libs-style game.

A Mad Libs-style game.

Tombs & Mummies

Parser text adventure. Escape the pharaoh’s tomb! IFComp2020 78th place. (Walk-thru video | IFDB | Review)


Maze Generator

Navigate through a procedurally generated maze while avoiding NPCs. (desktop only)


Demo of Juhyo card game. The ultimate battle of snow monsters! Watch the tutorial.


The classic game with some nontraditional categories.


Player vs. computer. A variation on the classic game where ship types are revealed with each hit. Behind the scenes.

Haunted House Adventure

A puzzle game that tours my house. Are you smart enough to solve it?

Games Made by Kids

Games created by my kids.