Matthew Warner


I hope you enjoy these! Click one to play.

Virtual Reality

on Horizon Worlds

Piano Synthesizer

With chord mode, sustain mallet, metronome, and two minigames.


Fly a kite and play two minigames.

Music Composer

Insert pegs into staves to make music.

Teleporter Gun

Game asset. 2021 Launcher Competition honorable mention.


Parachute from a plane. Achievements for speed and accuracy. with Jay Haynes

Head World

Explore a fantasy environment with flying carpets, fireworks, eye lasers, and more. with Jay Haynes, Alex Chandler

Explore the Solar System

Fly a ship around our solar neighborhood.

Chess Parlor

Play a cozy game of chess with your friends in a snowy mountain lodge. with Jay Haynes.

Interactive Fiction

Second Wind

Parser text adventure. Journey across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to get medical help for your pregnant wife. IFComp2021 34th place. (Walk-thru | IFDB Review)

Collaborate with AI

Collaborate with artificial intelligence to write a story.

Omelet Miner

Parser text adventure. Fight off laser gun-wielding assassins while tunneling through a 3-D cube.

Opinion Piece Generator

A Mad Libs-style game.

Haunted House Adventure

A puzzle game that tours my house. Are you smart enough to solve it?


Maze Runner

Navigate through a procedurally generated maze while avoiding NPCs. (desktop only)

Made by Kids

Games created by my kids.


The classic game with some untraditional categories.


Player vs. computer. A variation on the classic game where ship types are revealed with each hit. Behind the scenes.