Here are samples of my audio production work. Please contact me if you would like to hire me to work on your project. As you can see, I also do some video editing, but I’m a better audio narrator. For more information about my equipment and process, please read my essay “Audiobook Production Tips.”

Audiobook Narration

“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe
Performed for WQSV 106.3 FM, Halloween 2021

Sizzle audiobook

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Empire of the Goddess audiobook

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Cursed by Christ audiobook

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“Noah’s Temple” audiobook (aired on Variant Frequencies)

“Under the Bridge Downtown” audiobook (aired on Variant Frequencies)


Film Sensei (as “Blue Leader Edward ‘Eagle’ Johnson”)

Station IDs

WQSV-LP 106.3


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“Mage Tech Duet” (aired on Rolling Rocks Radio)

“Empire of the Goddess” (aired on Rolling Rocks Radio)

Personal Essays

“Breakfalls” (aired on WQSV-LP 106.3)

“Interactive Fiction” (aired on WQSV-LP 106.3)