Matthew Warner

Play “Chess Parlor” in Facebook Horizon

Jay Haynes and I are proud to announce you can visit our VR game world, “Chess Parlor,” on Facebook Horizon! Play chess in a mountaintop lodge against other VR users.


  • an automatic game board-reset button
  • play inside a beautiful mountaintop cathedral to chess!
  • a crackling fireplace
  • an intricate grandfather clock
  • entrance door that opens/closes on a pressure plate
  • a single-pole light switch that operates the bar lights, just like in real life!
  • finely detailed chessmen, chairs, lamps, coat rack, and fireplace
  • snowmen
  • cigars you can smoke, beers you can drink!

The game is still in beta because there are other features we may add.

Let us know if you need a chess opponent!

Visit the Chess Parlor with your VR device