Matthew Warner

Calling . . . Earth to

Just wondering if anyone knows if the editor of, Carlos Ramirez, has kicked the bucket.  A year ago, he bought non-exclusive audio rights to “Noah’s Temple,” a science fiction novella that I happily recorded for him.  In the fall, I recorded a Ben Bova short story for him titled “In Trust.”

And that was the last I heard from him.

It’s now been six months since SFZine has had a podcast.  Recently, market zines like and have declared it a dead market.  The editor isn’t replying to my emails.  Another audio performer whom I connected with the editor hasn’t heard from him since October. A Google search shows that the editor has purchased stories from several other writers, but none of these stories have seen the light of day, either.

Anyway, please email me or post on this blog entry with any other information you might have.  Thanks!