Matthew Warner

Watch me work . . . in time lapse

A recent film treatment for a time-lapse movie inspired me to explore the capabilities of my duly licensed copy of Adobe Premiere.  I filmed myself writing this morning and sped up a one-hour video by 3000%.

The sound track is the third movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” — a piano piece I used to be able to play once upon a time (but not quite as fast).

The reason my laptop is sitting atop a Random House unabridged dictionary is because my eyes tend to cross as I look down the line of my nose.  So it’s easier for me to keep my monitor up high.

To the left of my computer hang sticky notes containing things like Godaddy coupon codes, plus a collage of my son’s mug shots.

The video’s titles give you some more behind-the-scenes info.  Enjoy!