Matthew Warner

My Political Views . . . Then I’ll Try to Shut Up

A friend coined my favorite saying about expressing opinions: “Put your balls on the table, and pass out hammers.”

This is a highly charged political season, and I’ve struggled with how publicly I should swing my balls around, as it were.  I’m a writer and an entertainer — not a politician — so why should anyone care what I think about gay marriage?  And why should I risk alienating potential readers?

Well, because I’m an American, goddammit.

But I really don’t want to spend from now until Election Day reposting every halfbrained link and vitriolic bone making the rounds on Facebook.  I don’t care what Orson Scott Card, a great fiction writer, thinks about politics, and I don’t expect you to care what I think about politics, either.

So I’m just going to try and get it all out of my system now.  Feel free to skip the rest.

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