Matthew Warner

In a Week When Racism is Flaring, ELITE DAILY Makes It Worse

Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware that Ferguson, Missouri, recently entered a time warp to the 1960s. Racial tensions are so thick there, you could choke on them unless you’re wearing a gas mask and carrying a Molotov cocktail to light the way.

Sane people would figure this isn’t a time to antagonize folks unnecessarily. So what was the website ELITE DAILY: The Voice of Generation Y thinking when it published this headline?

Deep-Fried Tequila Is Actually A Thing, And It Will Get You White Girl Wasted

What follows is a fluff piece about the wonders of soaking angel food cake in tequila, all under the lead of: How many times have you found yourself uttering a phrase resembling, “I just want to get drunk without actually drinking”?

I’m disgusted with my Generation Y juniors for writing something so thoughtless. It makes me think you’re a bunch of tone-deaf, racist, sexist alcoholics. Do you really think white girls act drunk all the time, whether or not they’re drinking? What the fuck does drinking have to do with race or gender anyway?

Lest the point is lost on you, let me rewrite the headline this way: “Deep-Fried Tequila Is Actually A Thing, And It Will Get You Nigger-‘Ho Drunk.”  Doesn’t sit so well, does it?  Think next time.