Matthew Warner

BLOOD BORN New eBook Edition, Deep Discount

Dominoes in TimeThe eBook rights to Blood Born recently reverted to me, so I’ve reissued it under my own imprint. For a limited time, take advantage of these deep discounts:

  • list price today until 6/24: $0.99 (67% discount)
  • 6/24-27: $1.99
  • 6/28: reverts to $2.99 cover price

Blood Born kicks off with compelling strangeness and deft police-procedural intrigue, then explodes into a frenzied free-for-all of gore-scarfing, blood-flinging, and monster-hobnobbing horror! Warner amalgamates multi-genre components with a broad landscape of cool characters to unleash a novel that succeeds on all fronts.  Blood Born is a macabre, action-packed ton of fun!”
— Edward Lee, author of Lucifer’s Lottery, City Infernal, and The Innswich Horror

“The work of Matthew Warner—with Eyes Everywhere and Blood Born in particular—shows that he delivers intelligent, visceral, and psychological horror of dependable high quality. … Matthew Warner is a brand you can trust.”
— Somebody Dies

“Original idea, good characters, strong ending, frenzied pace.”
— Horror Drive-In

“Warner’s pace kicks major ass here, reminiscent of a blend between Michael Crichton and Richard Laymon. … Warner, who penned Horror Isn’t a 4-Letter Word for writers and everyone who loves the genre, knows how to build a scare effectively, not simply going for the cheap thrills.”
— Hellnotes

Blood Born