Matthew Warner


Necro Publications has published my short story, “The Confession,” in The Big Book of Blasphemy. Given some of my other stories, I guess I’m a perfect fit, ha!

The anthology is on sale as a $15.95 trade paperback. It includes other writers such as Edward Lee, Ray Garton, and Charlee Jacob. I can’t wait to receive my contributor’s copies. Below is the publisher’s description:

If you’re religious, look no further – this is not the book for you. The Big Book of Blasphemy is just what the name says: BIG. With 30 stories from today’s best extreme horror writers, no one and nothing is sacred. These stories take on everything from goddesses to paleros to priests to saints and sinners, angels, demons, devils, and even pizza. From wretched pasts to dystopian futures, these tales explore a range of topics, religions, and blasphemies. The stories in this book range from serious to humorous, loud to quiet; there’s a sacrilege for everyone.