Matthew Warner

“Diary of the Cryonic Pharaoh” Published

I’m delighted to announce my sci-fi/horror short story, “Diary of the Cryonic Pharaoh,” has been published in the anthology Spoon Knife 6: Rest Stop from Autonomous Press.

(I’m also relieved to announce that the editors didn’t screw it up. For some strange reason, they don’t believe in supplying pre-publication galleys to their authors, a fact that nearly caused me to yank the story. But all’s well that end’s well.)

“Diary of the Cryonic Pharaoh” is about Gerald Dillingsworth, a man who wakes up in an underground bunker after a 10,000-year cryostasis in an effort to bypass the effects of a chemical war. The problem is he discovers he murdered his fellow cryonauts — except he has no memory of doing so. Time runs out as the bunker might be haunted, or harbor a survivor who wants revenge, or both.