Matthew Warner

“Don’t Look Away” Reviewed by Meta

My VR game “Don’t Look Away” for Meta’s Horizon Worlds received a shoutout in their recent writeup, “Celebrating You, the #PopMJam Creators.”

Don’t Look Away by Vulture667

In Don’t Look Away, a horror-themed game, your challenge is to escape from a locked graveyard before being caught by any of the (up to) eight randomly spawned ghosts. To escape, you must first find randomly located keys hidden in stones throughout the graveyard. Thank goodness for the conveniently placed pickaxes beside them. As you’re finding keys, you better not take your eyes off the ghosts! Any time they leave your line of sight, they’ll resume the hunt. We loved this classic mechanic brought to life in VR. It really felt like you were being followed, and the urgency to escape was visceral. The tutorial stage before gameplay, spectator modes for more collaborative play, and social interactions were nice touches, too. After we escaped the graveyard, we were left thinking this could be the start to an incredible series, with more levels and increasing challenges along the way.

Don't Look Away