Matthew Warner

Movie Production Update

Work continues on my “short film,” The Cryonic Pharaoh. The original screenplay, before I converted it into a production script, was about 40 pages long, which implies the movie will be 40 minutes long, but we’ll see.

Rather than show off any of my baby steps — because I truly am a toddler learning to walk at this stage — I’d like to show off the short film of someone I don’t even know. The Dust Seeker by Olli Huttunen was made in Unreal Engine, the same game engine that I’m using. Aside from being a compact, creepy vignette in a post apocalypse, it’s a wonderful visual feast and a great showcase of what’s possible. Please enjoy:

Mr. Huttenen made this film entirely by himself, so I naturally felt a lot of simpatico for his process, which he documented here:

As he pointed out, this may be the future of indie filmmaking. It’s cheap and powerful. While it requires a lot of technical know-how, knowing how is just a matter of patience.