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State of the Vulture’s Nest

May 16, 2022

You might have noticed my publishing output has waned over the last couple years. My last major publication was a novel, Mage Tech Duet, a scifi/fantasy hybrid. That’s because I’ve been exploring other creative outlets, such as video game programming. My latest hobby has been Meta’s Horizon Worlds, a sandbox application for creating VR games and art.

Over the weekend, I published what’s called a hub world, “Vulture’s Nest,” to provide easy access to my VR creations and collaborations. This will be updated as time goes on, just like a website. Now, whenever I make a new game/art/whatever, I can drop just a single door into that world, linking back to this one, so visitors can explore other ones. Here’s a video of what it looks like:

I’m not sure where my publishing “career” is headed, if I even had one. I’ve been submitting stories for publication, performance, and production for over 30 years now, and I’m burnt-out. So I’ve decided it’s okay to have other creative pursuits. I have to do it for my psychological health. So I don’t know what’s next: another video game, a song, a piano performance, a dramatic performance, a painting, or more fiction. It depends on what tickles my fancy and what you ask for.

Look for a website redesign in 2022, plus more unpredictable creations and some minor publishing news. C’est la vie!

Another Fun Little Acting Job

February 7, 2022

Another fun little acting job in VR!

Filmed in Horizon Worlds by Jay “Sensei_Jay” Haynes.

Filmmaking in the Metaverse (video)

January 28, 2022

Tips & tricks learned on the set of “Horizon Hipsters”

Here is a great behind-the-scenes video/tutorial about filming in the metaverse. Jay (Film Sensei) included my speech during the wrap party about VR-specific acting techniques.

“The Horizon Hipsters” Film Premieres

January 14, 2022

Film Sensei Productions has premiered The Horizon Hipsters, a short experimental film shot entirely in virtual reality. I helped Jay Haynes and Aaron Sorrels write the screenplay, and I starred in the lead male role through my “Vulture667” Horizon Worlds avatar.

By using the Horizon Worlds building tools and its shared VR experience, this film represents a new method for no-cost motion capture and location scouting, plus a convenient way to coordinate filming with actors not in the same location. I look forward to more such projects with Film Sensei Productions this year.

Without further ado, here is The Horizon Hipsters!