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Last Chance to Buy MEATCOW MAKER

November 19, 2017

White Noise Press is going on indefinite “hiatus” Dec. 7, so now is your last chance to snap up those remaining copies of MEATCOW MAKER.

Buy the book here.

More Positive Reviews of MEATCOW MAKER

May 8, 2017

Two more positive reviews to tell you about:

Angela Bennett of Horror World says in her review, “Alternately heartbreaking, thought provoking, and, in several instances, cringe-worthy, Matthew Warner creates an bleak, post-apocalyptic world where survival is a matter of perspective.” Click to read the whole review.

And Nick Cato of Horror Fiction Review says, “Warner is a master of the revenge story (see his intriguing 2005 collection DEATH SENTENCES), and here he wraps one in a bleak, heartbreaking post apocalyptic sci-fi adventure. As always White Noise Press presents the tale in a gorgeous chapbook design (with cover art by the author’s wife Deena) so collectors best hurry before this beauty sells out. Fantastic all around.” Click to read the whole review.

There are only a few copies left for sale from White Noise Press. Click here.

Author Fest in Waynesboro, VA

May 5, 2017

Come see me tomorrow from 10am – 2pm at the Author Fest at the Waynesboro Public Library. You might be able to acquire a copy of Meatcow Maker! This is currently my last planned public appearance for 2017, so don’t miss your chance. More information.

5-star review for MEATCOW MAKER

May 3, 2017

The first review is in! Frank Michaels Errington gave it 5 out of 5 stars. “Meatcow Maker is one of those stories which will stay with you long after it’s been read. Recommended.” Click to read the whole review.

Covert Art Behind the Scenes

April 25, 2017

Deena Warner has posted a cool “behind the scenes” photo essay about how she created the cover art for Meatcow Maker. Check it out.

This isn’t the first time my publishers have hired her to illustrate my work. Here’s another photo essay she did about the cover of Dominoes in Time.


April 23, 2017

Meatcow Maker is now available from White Noise Press as a hand-crafted, 28-page chapbook, limited to just 150 copies.  Click here to buy. This is one of my more unusual stories, and it was fun to write.

On a future Earth sterilized by nuclear apocalypse, two men hike across the desert. Nove the meatcow follows his master, Jebediah, to the last human settlement practicing the ancient art of crop cultivation. Growing food disrupts the symbiosis between meatcow-master couples such as them. Nove worries about his future. Jebediah wouldn’t dare abandon him … would he?

“An apocalyptic nightmare, but so much more! Weird, wonderful, wildly inventive, and ultimately heartbreaking. I loved every word of Matthew Warner’s Meatcow Maker.”
Richard Chizmar, author of A Long December and co-author with Stephen King of Gwendy’s Button Box


MEATCOW MAKER Cover Revealed

April 3, 2017

White Noise Press has revealed the wraparound cover for Meatcow Maker, the limited edition chapbook it’s publishing soon. The cover art is by Deena Warner and the cover design is by Keith Minnion.

Meatcow Maker

Meatcow Maker Novelette Coming Spring 2017

December 11, 2016

White Noise Press has acquired Meatcow Maker, a novelette they plan to publish as a limited-edition chapbook in spring 2017. The press release calls it “a startlingly original tale guaranteed to make vegans of us all!” Deena Warner will provide the cover art.

When publisher Keith Minnion commissioned me to write the piece, he requested “the most extreme, out there, outrageous story you have ever written, in whatever genre you choose, hopefully something that no other market in their right mind would touch with a ten-foot halberd.”

I think I gave him what he wanted.