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Death Sentences

Tales of Punishment & Revenge


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Deena Warner


Gary A. Braunbeck


Middle Passage
Angel’s Wings
The Cave
A Second Chance
The Forgiving Type
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“… a great little collection that I recommend highly.”
—Cemetery Dance #55 (August 2006). To read the review, click here.

“Warner pulls no punches with his writing. … His writing is taut and to the point, weaving the deeply disturbing with the wholly personal aspect of each of his characters into a remarkable assemblage of fear and dread.”
—Dark Discoveries magazine (November 2005). To read the review, click here.

Death Sentences succeeds greatly on the author’s understated style and refusal to wallow in gore for its sake. … the perfect sampler for those who have not yet made his acquaintance.”
—Hellnotes Newsletter (November 24, 2005). To read the review, click here.

“Overall, this is, in my estimation, an excellent collection of well-told stories that use the darkness of humanity and nature (or, in some, the supernatural) to help us see how much light there really is in the world. … Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find some more of Matthew Warner’s works.”
—Feo Amante (September 2005). To read the review, click here.

“While he may still be a relative newcomer to the world of horror lit, author Matthew Warner stakes a claim in the genre with Death Sentences. Unlike most short fiction offerings, this brief but darkly compelling collection hits all the right notes and hits them hard.”
Rue Morgue Magazine #49 (September 2005). To read the review, click here.

“Now this is how a chapbook should be done. … Death Sentences does not have one dull moment and is a fantastic primer for an author I’m sure we are about to see much bigger things from.”
Horror Fiction Review #10 (August 2005). To read the review, click here.

“He has marvelous skill for characterization and a genuine talent … A harbinger of great things to come.”
—Craig’s Book Club (August 2005)

“He doesn’t sugar-coat things and he doesn’t soften blows—and though there are many writers out there who pull no punches, Warner is not out for gore. He is out for truth in amazing circumstances—and that is what truly makes a horror writer great.”
—G-Pop Network (August 2005). To read the review, click here.

“Prose shouldn’t be this eloquent when showing you something this hideous. … This is a rock solid collection of stories: two good, two great and one pushing brilliant.”
—Really Scary (August 2005)

“[H]e proves he definitely has a solid grasp of storytelling and a sure voice. … Featuring five stories … there isn’t a weak one in the bunch.”
—Review by James R. Beach, Horror World (July 2005)

“This tidy little collection of five stories accomplishes in less than 150 pages what it takes some writers thrice that amount to achieve.”
—from the introduction by Gary Braunbeck

About “Middle Passage

“There’s not a single supernatural creature or event in Matthew Warner’s superb, gripping ‘Middle Passage,’ but this tale of African slaves on an ill-fated voyage should be required reading in any course on that despicable institution. The catalog of daily horrors endured by all, and especially a father and his daughter, is enough to shame any human.”
—Review by William D. Gagliani, Cemetery Dance magazine (March 2002)


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