Matthew Warner

Dr. Ella Mental’s Mad Lab Picture Show

Dr. Ella Mental, mad scientist and former host of the Spade audience-participation web series, hosts a double feature of Night of the Living Dead and The Satanic Rites of Dracula online. allows you, the viewer, to manipulate Ella’s story between movie segments. Will her evil alter ego, Hydie, come on screen? Will she do the next segment in a wet T-shirt? A foul, fun romp for horror fans.


Dr. Ella Mental’s Mad Lab Picture Show is most certainly something the world has not seen very often (if ever): A multi-path choose-your-own-story show that’s also a hosted horror double feature … it’s good macabre fun, and that’s what these shows are all about, and Mariah Johnson as too-klutzy-to-be-really-mad scientist is a welcome breakaway from the usual horror host mold.”
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