Matthew Warner

Eyes Everywhere

Where does madness leave off and reality begin?

I See You …

They follow him home from work. They monitor his e-mails. They may even be reading his mind.

I Spy …

Charlie Fields, a young father in a dead-end secretarial job in Washington, DC, has uncovered a conspiracy of historic proportions. A family friend, Philip Duke, heads a secret organization bent on controlling the world—or so it seems. Is Charlie crazy, as his wife claims? Or is Duke’s “Gestapo” now stalking them?

Do You See What I See? …

The neighbors beat on his walls at night, chanting his name. Spy cameras watch his every move. And now he’s experiencing strange memory gaps.

Time runs out as Charlie learns the Gestapo is experimenting on his small children. Worse, his wife is helping them.

They’re everywhere, watching him…studying him. It’s time to take action—and if he has to abduct his own kids to save them, then so be it.





Eyes Everywhere in 2006 “Top Reads” Lists:
Pod of Horror (start at 23:25)
Monster Librarian
—Gary A. Braunbeck

Eyes Everywhere is not a novel to be taken lightly. It is ghastly, unnerving, and has the feel of something that not only can happen, but does happen.”
SFReader (April 2007)

“This really is an extremely well written and fast paced novel. … Warner has painted a sharp and wholly credible series of events that mirror real life and the doubts and fears that we all experience at one time or other in our lives. … This novel will cause you to look over your own shoulder for a long time to come.”
Dark Discoveries (March 2007)

“… extremely learned, believable and expertly-told … one of the finest contemporary fictitious depictions of the mind-consuming process of this real and serious mental disorder.”
—Downwarden (January 2007)

“Warner knows how to freak you out just enough to keep you turning the pages. … This might not be the most pleasant horror novel to read this year, but it’s certainly the most relevant.”
Pod of Horror #23, starts at 45:08, (October 2006)

“Wonderful, powerful, and devastating . . . An incredible read and a masterful portrait of a psychotic mind.”
—Verbicide (October 2006)

“Matthew Warner is a talented writer with a real knack for pacing and drawing the reader into the mind of his hero. I would recommend this book. It is a fun, quick read, that is well written and well thought out.”
—Horror Yearbook (October 2006)

“I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be one of those books passed around like an underground classic.”
Bookgasm (September 2006)

“Warner writes a strong story … This book will have appeal to horror fans, but might also be enjoyed by those who do not normally read horror fiction.”
Monster Librarian (September 2006)

“Warner’s success in portraying the medically realistic unraveling of his protagonist is matched only by the amazingly consistent voice he employs to narrate. … It’s a bravura performance, a monologue on madness, and it will stick with you during long, lonely nights.”
—ChiZine (August 2006)

“In Eyes Everywhere, Matthew Warner carefully builds a convincing and utterly captivating tale of a man’s descent into madness … a taut, psychological thriller, tinged with melancholy.”
—Horror World (August 2006)

“Warner … is in top form here as he paints a gripping portrait of a man suffering from intense schizophrenia. The pace of the story is very well done … building up to an absolutely thrilling climax.”
Horror Fiction Review #14 (August 2006)

Eyes Everywhere is easily the novel of the year, and a lot of it is due to that perfect fusion of book and author.”
—Craig’s Book Club (July 2006)

“Warner is poised to be the newest genre master.”
—G-Pop (July 2006)

“Perhaps the most terrifying thing about Eyes Everywhere is how easy it is to enter the mind of its main character. … [I]t’s an important work, a work that deserves more exposure than the small press can give it. … complex and utterly unnerving.”
Horror Drive-In (June 2006)

“Matthew Warner’s Eyes Everywhere is sublime; a deeply disturbing look at paranoia that should be read by every suspense and horror aficionado.”
—James A. Moore, author of Blood Red and the Serenity Falls trilogy

“This is a brave exploration of the frequently misunderstood world of a paranoid schizophrenic. Through Charlie Fields, Warner provides a vivid and accurate portrayal of the insidious nature of a most devastating and difficult-to-treat mental illness.”
—David B. Reid, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“With Eyes Everywhere, Matthew Warner comes into his own as a novelist; this remarkable portrayal of one man’s rapid and horrifying psychological disintegration is by turns funny, terrifying, hallucinatory, poignant, and supremely chilling. From first page to last, this novel grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go, barreling its way toward one of the most powerful final images I’ve read in years. This is the type of novel that puts writers on the map, and deservedly so. A stunner.”
Gary Braunbeck, author of In Silent Graves


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