Matthew Warner

The Seventh Equinox

The Earth Is Out of Time

Her recent divorce left Bessie Henderson on guard against being exploited by any man. When she escapes to Augusta, Virginia, she’s captivated by the small town’s charm, but also its quirks: her intrusive elderly neighbor, the secret labyrinth of caverns beneath her Victorian house — and the man hiding from the law in her root cellar.

But Robin Goodfellow is not just a criminal. He’s a fertility demigod called the Hunter. He’s been injured, and he needs Bessie’s life force to survive. By the spring equinox, he must complete the grand Hunt, an ancient ritual of environmental renewal, or the planet will slowly die.

As the equinox nears, the couple must reconcile their growing feelings for each other. Bessie may not be ready to trust and give to another man, especially one who takes so much from her. And Robin must choose between love and duty — a duty that means life for the planet but death for himself.



“A fast-paced story of magic, renewal and adventure perfect for urban fantasy genre readers.”
Midwest Book Review

“Warner’s imagination is once again in high gear delivering to fans of urban fantasy and horror a smorgasbord of the fantastic. The Seventh Equinox has it all: great characterization, exciting action, and an ending that will have you sitting up straight and wide eyed. The Seventh Equinox is highly recommended.”
— Horror World

“With a cast of amusing, well-rounded characters … The Seventh Equinox is a lively and entertaining read, clever, sexy, and fun.”
— The Horror Fiction Review

The Seventh Equinox is so much more than just the classic tale of good vs. evil. It is a story of conflicts and inner turmoil, with the realization that nothing can ever really just be black and white.”
— Obviously Opinionated

“… the narrative is very original and this is a fine book.” 4.5 stars.
Portland Book Review

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