Matthew Warner

More time to write?

[copied from my old Myspace blog]

This week marks a new era in the Warner household.  I’ve quit my job as a paralegal and have started fulltime for my wife’s home-based business, Deena Warner Design LLC.  My job title is Office Manager / Web Designer.

Will this create more time for me to write?  That’s the plan–but so far I’ve been busier than I was at the law firm!  That’s okay though; being able to work in your jammies all day is the American dream.  Web and print design, by its very nature, also offers the ultimate in telecommuting advantages.  I’m fortunate now to be in a profession in which physical distance is irrelevant.  . . . Kinda like writing, except this pays a little better. 

Anyway, Deena has done some incredible work for a variety of non-profit organizations and major New York publishers.  Please take a couple minutes to check out our new corporate website.