Matthew Warner

Conceived in Pain. Born in Blood.

The headline of this post is not only the tagline of my forthcoming horror novel, but it also describes my feelings in writing and selling it.

Blood Born, coming from Sonar4 Publications early next year, tells the story of an epidemic series of rapes in the nation’s capital that becomes the apocalyptic vanguard of a new type of monster.  The story resurrects characters from my previous novels — Detective Christina Randall from The Organ Donor and the evil CalPark Biotech corporation from Eyes Everywhere — and is intended as a horror story especially for a female audience.  Its main characters are women, the monster preys upon women, and the story’s resolution relies upon the brains, cunning, and biology of — you guessed it — women.  Fans of Ed Lee and zombie stories will enjoy the book as well.

The story is dark, explicit, and brutal.  It took me to places that made me uncomfortable to write about.  And ultimately, I have to confess, those very qualities made it a tough sell.  As one editor put it, he wasn’t prepared for the story’s “weird and violent sexual stuff.”

So be it.  Sonar4 has decided to take a chance, dipping into the more extreme realm of horror.  I hope that when it comes out next year in trade paperback and e-book that you will take a chance upon it as well.  The publisher, thankfully, has hired Mrs. Warner to do the cover image, so keep an eye out for a novel that will be as fun to look at as, I hope, it will be to read.

I’ll keep you apprised as things develop.  For now, please set a bookmark on the Blood Born information page.