Matthew Warner

Lists and Logs

When movie director John Johnson said he was going to email me the “lists and logs” for The Good Parts, I kept hearing “lists and longs.” I kept wondering, Long what? Crazy movie people. But “lists and logs” makes a lot more sense and are exactly what they sound like: lists of settings, scenes, and cast members, and logs about the same. It was an impressive bundle of paper that he brought to our meeting last night at the Tip Top restaurant in Charlottesville.

Over the course of a couple hours, we came up with a shooting schedule that will run during the second week of April. Some days will only be “half” days, meaning that they’ll only run eight hours. It reminds me of a joke I used to hear long ago from an attorney who liked to tell the same joke over and over: “I only work half days. Six to six.”

I wonder how the lead actors’ performances will be affected by the fact that the first time they ever meet each other, they’ll have to act out a date scene from the middle of the story. The scene when they first meet will be filmed later. The schedule is further jumbled by the fact that Dupree lives on a tight schedule of other film shoots and will only be in town for a short while.

John Johnson exudes competence, and I feel like this movie is in good hands. More updates and pictures when I have stuff to report!