Matthew Warner

Movies, Movies, Movies . . .

A few notes from movie land:

  • The Good Parts is in post-production.  Just watched the rest of the dailies yesterday, and everything looks great so far.  The Augusta Free Press just ran an article about it.
  • I’m now under a tight deadline for an upcoming movie project with Darkstone Entertainment, fleshing out someone else’s concept.  It’s challenging to write in another person’s sandbox.
  • I had a cameo in my friend Alejandro Rosa’s parody trailer for a TV series called Captain Puerto Rico. My role was just to look cool as “Bootsy Tulane as Dr. Chaos” starting at 01:13. [No longer available online.] Alejandro made this for a party in which the theme was to come dressed as a superhero—either a “real” one or one you’ve made up—and to give a presentation about it.  Deena came as this character from Howl’s Moving Castle:
  • I also had a slightly more substantial cameo in episode 7 of John Johnson’s SPADE, again as a villain (of course!).  SPADE is worth following if you were a fan of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books like I was because you get to vote on how the story develops.