Matthew Warner


It sounds dirty, doesn’t it, to say a film is “in the can.”  It gives me a mental picture of the director sitting in a Port-A-Potty somewhere, his laptop resting on his bare thighs, as he edits the film.

Anyway, I saw the first 15 minutes of the rough cut today (about 1/2 of the movie), without sound effects and music, and it looked pretty cool. It was weird to watch footage that I’d previously seen in the raw now put together in order. For those of you following the saga about the “They’re pretty good, aren’t they?” line versus the “They’re not very good, are they?” line in the basketball scene, John went with the latter.  (Sorry, Chris.)

Sitting with me was Richard Adams, a renowned local composer and musician who will be writing and recording the theme music.  We had small comments and questions for director John Johnson about the special effects, audio, and transitions, and some discussion ensued about where things like the credits and music will be inserted.  Overall, I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out, and it’s exciting to see something I wrote coming to life on the screen.

We’re hopeful that the film will be in final form by the end of June, but production delays are always possible.  More news when I know more!