Matthew Warner

Out With the Old, In With the New

In one of the stranger episodes of my publishing career so far, today Sonar4 Publications agreed to release me from my contract with them for Blood Born, which was scheduled for a trade paperback and eBook release in January 2011.  Thankfully, though, HW Press has picked it up.  Details are forthcoming about editions and exact release date, which will still be sometime in 2011.  The cover art by Deena Warner will stay the same.  Sonar4 has promised to refund all preorders.  And winners of the “Save the Baby” contest will still get the free, signed books I promised.

Okay, you’re wondering why the hell this is happening, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t tell you.  The simple answer is that Sonar4 was a nightmare to deal with, and I made a terrible mistake ever signing with them.  Many straws landed on the camel’s back this year, but the last one was when they refused to send me author’s galley proofs.  Why?  I don’t know; ask them.  Something about not giving me “final say” in the book, when who has final say is not what galley proofs are about.  Anyway, if I can help it, I won’t let a book of mine go to press without seeing it first — I think any author would share this sentiment — and for a publisher to take such a foolhardy stance is a deal-killer.

But, as the expression goes, out with the old and in with the new.  HW Press, owned by Nanci Kalanta of, has agreed to pick the novel up.  HW Press put out Lucy Snyder’s award-winning collection, Sparks and Shadows, Steven Savile’s novel Laughing Boy’s Shadow, and the anthology Eulogies.  Nanci publishes quality material, obviously has a refined literary taste (I mean, she’s publishing me, after all), and I’m proud to have my book with her.

In further good news, next week I hit the road with John Johnson of Darkstone Entertainment to begin filming the first of three cinematic book trailers promoting Blood Born.  When I say “cinematic,” I mean with real actors and locations, based on screenplays I wrote.  I’m giddy just thinking about it.  The first book trailer is due out on Halloween.  John and Nanci are proving to be a wonderful friends and business partners, and I’m happy to know that you as the reader will reap the benefit.

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  1. It’s great you got out of the situation. Not being able to see galley proofs is a definite killer. Now you know you’ll get a quality book.

    1. I’ve been at a signing event this weekend with a bunch of other of authors (i.e., Monteleone, Massie, Malfi, Rainey), and their jaws dropped with horror before they said exactly the same thing you did.