Matthew Warner

Daylight Saving Time Saves Nothing

Here in America, we’re going to set our clocks back an hour at 2 a.m. Sunday in observance of the annual end of Daylight Saving Time.  The time change has always been a pain in the ass, of course. There are always more clocks in the house than you remember having. But now that I’m a father, it’s particularly stressful.

For us, the key to having a child who has obediently slept 12 hours a night since he was two months old has been to follow a highly regimented schedule. He always gets up at about the same time, naps at the same time, eats, and goes to bed at the same time. As Deena and I are stay-at-home business owners, this also helps us to get something done during the day.

But here comes big, bad ole Eastern Standard Time this weekend. One weekend beyond that, I may have five house guests, and I’ll be flying my flag at the premiere of The Good Parts. So, here’s the riddle I faced as I looked at the evening of the 13th: if Owen goes to bed at 7, and the movie premiere goes from 7 to 8, and after the change, 7 o’clock to him will really be 6 o’clock, how can I possibly get through the evening without him being at home in bed? Everyone who might babysit for us will be at the premiere, so that means my wife has to stay home to babysit.

Since, of course, I definitely do want Deena to attend, we started adjusting Owen’s circadian rhythms a month ago. Little by little, we’ve been pushing him back. Now, he gets up a little after 8 a.m. and goes to bed at about 8 p.m. Everything between those times has been pushed back almost an hour. So that means, come Sunday . . .

Owen will be back to rising at 7 and going to bed at 7.

Which means that on the 13th, he’ll still be going to bed more than an hour late — but at least it won’t be more than two hours late.

Sorry, but this still sucks. (Fred Pfisterer at my local paper has a good editorial this morning saying the same thing.)

Congress needs to get its head out of the ass of the 20th century and repeal the Daylight Saving Time law.