Matthew Warner

NO OUTLET Availability

Thunderstorm Books has sold out of both editions of NO OUTLET, but here’s where you can still find a few copies of the trade paperback:

  • Bookworks (Staunton, VA)
  • Ukazoo Books (Towson, MD)
  • The Staunton Montessori School is auctioning an autographed copy online until April 26. They have the approximate retail value as “unknown” because a price wasn’t printed on the book, so this is a good opportunity to get it cheaply.
  • Even cheaper is my slut of an autographing pen. I’ll sign just about anything, provided it’s female or on paper. So come to the SWAG Writers Bookfair on April 27, 10am–5pm, at 16 W. Beverley, Staunton, VA.