Matthew Warner

PLAN 9 Movie Premiere

Tomorrow night, I’m attending the movie premiere of PLAN 9, Darkstone Entertainment’s remake of the classic 1959 sci-fi/horror schlock fest PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE by Ed Wood, Jr. My involvement with this film is multi-faceted: I have a bit part as a zombie who gets blown away by the military, I collaborated on the screenplays for the Criswell Predicts! video shorts to promote it, and I’m an investor-producer. I’m also engaged in writing the novelization of John Johnson’s screenplay.

Many talented actors star in the film, including Brian Krause, Matthew Ewald, Monique Dupree, Addy Miller, and Mister Lobo. Conrad Brooks, who starred in the original Ed Wood film over 50 years ago, returns for a cameo.

My congratulations to Darkstone for finally launching this flagship film from the docks. I look forward to seeing the finished product tomorrow at the Grandin Theatre in Roanoke, VA.

Update — August 26

Here are some pictures from the premiere!

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  1. We had a great time at the premier at Grandin last night. “PLAN 9” achieved what it wanted and that is to be a sort of a remake, 80’s horror, comedy ,cheesy spoof of a movie.
    We are proud to have been extras and to have this movie filmed in our area. We can’t wait to own this movie!