Matthew Warner

Defending Champions Find the Treasure

A little bit of family news: for the second year in a row, the Warner family has won the grand prize for the Traipse/WQSV Treasure Hunt!

For six weeks, the Traipse app developers hid a weather-proof container somewhere in the Augusta County/Staunton/Waynesboro, VA area. They released clues about its location on WQSV radio, social media, and through their Traipse scavenger hunt touring app. Unlocking each clue usually meant traveling to some location to solve a puzzle.

The Warners and three other teams found the container hidden beneath a fishing pier at a Waynesboro public park (and we found it first). Traipse awarded us some cash and swag from its sponsors. This year’s hunt was different from last year’s in that there could be multiple winners. Congratulations to the other finalists.

I encourage everyone to download the Traipse app and enjoy a fun way to take walking tours. They’ve already rigged up several towns and are looking to do more.

The Warners at last night’s party and awards ceremony.