Matthew Warner


My 8th novel will soon be available as an Amazon Kindle eBook. Mage Tech Duet is a science fiction/fantasy cross-over about a Jazz-loving, African-American hit man who uses reverse-engineered alien technology to serve the supernatural underworld.

If you are an interested book reviewer, please contact me with your Amazon email address and the name of your publication, and I will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

Mage Tech Duet is a tasty genre stew of urban SF, horror, and hard-edge fantasy. Matthew Warner invites us into one of the more original and terrifying futures, following an anti-hero protagonist with unique tools, skills, and street-smart badass sass. We are glad (and a bit dizzy) to have come along for the ride, but we just hope the world Warner creates in Mage Tech Duet remains fiction…at least for a little while!”
— Keith Minnion, author of The Bone Worms and Dog Star

MAGE TECH DUET ($2.99), MW Publications, cover by Deena Warner