Matthew Warner

MAGE TECH DUET Now Available

MAGE TECH DUET is now available as a Kindle eBook.

In this scifi/fantasy cross-genre novel, Samuel Coventry is an African-American, foul-mouthed assassin whose only joy comes from listening to Cool Jazz. He uses reverse-engineered alien technology, such as a bag of holding in his mouth and a black hole shotgun, to do his job. His targets are psychic mages—the telepaths and telekinetics who threaten his employer’s organized crime operation.

Everything’s gravy until he targets a recording artist named Eva. No problem, except he’s also supposed to kill her six-year-old son. Screw that.

Protecting them puts him at odds with his boss. He’s soon battling commandoes sent to clean up. Among other things, they’re armed with tactical time-travel devices that allow them to go back a few minutes and correct their mistakes.

As if the crap isn’t thick enough, Coventry is developing feelings for Eva. He better not let anyone die, least of all himself.

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Mage Tech Duet is a tasty genre stew of urban SF, horror, and hard-edge fantasy. Matthew Warner invites us into one of the more original and terrifying futures, following an anti-hero protagonist with unique tools, skills, and street-smart badass sass. We are glad (and a bit dizzy) to have come along for the ride, but we just hope the world Warner creates in Mage Tech Duet remains fiction…at least for a little while!”
Keith Minnion, author of The Bone Worms and Dog Star

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