Matthew Warner

Eyes Everywhere Republished

Having reclaimed my rights from RDSP after many years, I’ve republished my second novel, Eyes Everywhere, as a Kindle eBook ($2.99). It features a stunning new cover from Deena Warner and the original afterword from Gary A. Braunbeck.

Eyes Everywhere tells the story of Charlie Fields, a young father in the early aughts who believes his wife is conspiring with an international terrorist to conduct experiments on their small children. As his paranoia grows, he starts hearing voices and believing that spy cameras watch his every move. Are his fears justified, or is he just crazy? As H.P. Lovecraft put it so aptly, “Where does madness leave off and reality begin?”

Publishers Weekly called the novel “compelling and insightful,” and it was well-received critically when it first came out in 2006.

Click here for more information as well as to watch the book trailer Deena made for me one year as a present.

You can still find the old RDSP hardcover if you really want it. It looks like Amazon has a single copy left, and copies go up on eBay all the time. This eBook is way cheaper.

Eyes Everywhere