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Rolling Rocks Radio Redux: EMPIRE OF THE GODDESS Commercial

August 28, 2020

The guys at Rolling Rocks Radio were kind enough to include a commercial for Empire of the Goddess in their Episode 12. It was recorded by none other than the book’s narrator, Thomas Dylan, and he would really like you to believe what he’s saying.

The commercial is at about 30:10, but I encourage you to listen to the entire episode. Scott Barker and Jerry Armentrout have a great show!

Interview on Rolling Rocks Radio

August 21, 2020

My jiujitsu brothers Scott Barker and Jerry Armentrout interviewed me last night on their podcast show, Rolling Rocks Radio. We had a great time dishing about the publishing industry, our families, and our favorite martial art.

Listen to it here:

WQSV 106.3 Sonic Postcards

August 5, 2020

Our local independent radio station, WQSV 106.3, recently asked my family to send them some “sonic postcards” to play on air as filler material. So we recorded the below recordings about nature journaling, cats, interactive fiction, and more.

They’ll be playing these on the air over the coming weeks.

(Although it sounds like we recorded these out in nature or at gyms or what have you, we actually recorded these in the studio, and the station added ambient sound effects later. )

Deena, “Nature Journaling”

Thomas, “Intro to Spanish”

Owen, “The Cat Hub”

Matt 1, “Breakfalls”

Matt 2, “Interactive Fiction”

Play “Experiment #79”

July 22, 2020

Instead of regular summer camps, my kids have been taking online courses to learn video game programming. Check out Owen’s creation, “Experiment #79”! Click to play:

Experiment #79

Winner in SAAC/SDDA Art Contest, Week #8

June 15, 2020

Every week this summer, the Staunton Augusta Art Center and Staunton Downtown Development Association sponsored a new art contest around different themes. In previous weeks, my wife, each of my kids, and my mother-in-law won. This week was my turn. Week #8’s theme was friendship, so I submitted a slightly political piece titled “Friends Forever”:

SAART’s announcement says:

we are happy to announce that for our final week (and for the first time this summer)
we have a tie

My prize will be a T-shirt. The Warners are looking forward to tie-dying our winnings!

True Review Recommends EMPIRE OF THE GODDESS

May 4, 2020

In an America ravaged by disease, a religion threatens to . . .

Wait a minute. Is this fiction or the reality we’re living in right now?

Empire of the Goddess is still being noticed by reviewers. In its latest issue, the True Review listed it among its list of recommended books.

Need more information? Check out this tremendous review:

Watch the “Live With Sensei” Interview

January 26, 2020

Yesterday’s live interview with Film Sensei Jay Haynes went great! The show was supposed to only go thirty minutes, but we kept receiving such great questions from the chatroom that we talked for over an hour.

We mainly discussed the writing arts and martial arts, with occasional name-drops of Keith Minnion, Richard Chizmar, and John Johnson, with deep dishing about Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The “Live With Sensei” audience was also treated to Jay wristlocking me live on camera! You don’t want to miss that, so watch the whole gory show below. I’m going to ensure I’m subscribed to his channel, because next week the subject will be a show-and-tell of “failed experiments.”

Upcoming Appearances

January 23, 2020

A couple of events to tell you about!

January 25 @ 3PM
Live with Sensei: Watch on YouTube
• Host Jay Haynes and I will kibitz about story craft.

February 14–16
Boskone 57
Westin Waterfront Boston Hotel
Boston, MA
More info
Deena Warner and I will be guests concerning online marketing for publishing industry in the “Great Website Designs & Boskone Reveal” panel. I’ll also be giving a reading from Empire of the Goddess and participating in other panel discussions on self promotion and the business of writing.

February 19 @ 8AM
Rotary Club meeting
Cold Harbor Restaurant
Mechanicsville, VA
• The Rotary Club of Mechanicsville will host me as a guest speaker during their breakfast meeting.

Interview on The Boskone Blog

December 11, 2019

The Boskone Blog, promoting next year’s science fiction & fantasy convention in Boston, has published a Q&A with me that you can read at this link.

Why, you might ask? Because Deena Warner and I will be guests at their February convention concerning website design and online promotion (my other job). I also hope to network with folks in SF/F publishing. It should be fun!


November 18, 2019

Necro Publications has published my short story, “The Confession,” in The Big Book of Blasphemy. Given some of my other stories, I guess I’m a perfect fit, ha!

The anthology is on sale as a $15.95 trade paperback. It includes other writers such as Edward Lee, Ray Garton, and Charlee Jacob. I can’t wait to receive my contributor’s copies. Below is the publisher’s description:

If you’re religious, look no further – this is not the book for you. The Big Book of Blasphemy is just what the name says: BIG. With 30 stories from today’s best extreme horror writers, no one and nothing is sacred. These stories take on everything from goddesses to paleros to priests to saints and sinners, angels, demons, devils, and even pizza. From wretched pasts to dystopian futures, these tales explore a range of topics, religions, and blasphemies. The stories in this book range from serious to humorous, loud to quiet; there’s a sacrilege for everyone.