Matthew Warner

The Organ Donor

15 Anniversary Edition

They knew it was wrong to purchase a kidney off the Chinese black market. But what the Taylor brothers didn’t realize was that its unwilling donor was an executed prisoner—and an immortal being from Chinese mythology. Pursuing them to Washington, DC, this ancient king will stop at nothing to recover what was once his.

The 15th anniversary edition of Matthew Warner’s acclaimed first horror novel includes nearly 7,000 words of new material, including the author’s riveting account of his true-life encounter with China’s illegal organ trade.



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Long Interview

FeoAmante’s Horror Thriller, “The Matthew Warner Interview: 15 Years of The Organ Donor,” December 7, 2017



“This is seriously good stuff!”
—The Horror Fiction Review (July 30, 2018); This review refers to the 15th Anniversary Edition

“I found this story very interesting and would encourage others to give it a read.” 4 stars
Uncaged Book Reviews (February 2018); This review refers to the 15th Anniversary Edition

“Warner creates fantastic plots with great characters. . . . The man sure can write a description. I’d never been to Washington D.C. or to China, the two main focal points of the story, but I surely felt like I had at the end of the story. . . . This politically driven thrill ride could become a horror classic–it is certainly excellent enough.”
—Justine Manzano, YBFREE (June 2004)

“Warner’s novel is a fascinating blend of straight-ahead horror, Chinese philosophy and mysticism, along with a healthy dollop of social consciousness. . . . Put The Organ Donor on your Must Read list.”
—Mark Justice, Horror World (April 2004)

“Not your typical horror novel. Aside of the plot and pacing, both well-written, the characters were solid and felt real. As a first novel, The Organ Donor makes a terrific impact.”
—Randall van der Woning, “Big White Guy” of Hong Kong (April 2004)

“This book itself cycles between the yin of action and the yang of thoughtful introspection, the yin of historic mythology and the yang of Chinese history. . . . I couldn’t ask for more of any book. Go get it.”
—Mark Worthen; Blood Rose (February 2004). To read the entire review, click here.

“What could have easily been a tacky cliched book is, in Warner’s style, transformed into a rich and meaningful story, with just enough horrorific elements to please the genre crowd, but plenty of literary allusions and mythic significance to please people like me who want something more.”
Will Ludwigsen, (July 2003)

“The Organ Donor is a promising debut. Warner is a writer with a strong social conscience. He engages his reader’s emotions and intellect equally, creating a suspenseful supernatural thriller with a serious thematic core.”
— Garrett Peck; Hellnotes newsletter (July 2003). To read the entire review, click here.

“A greatly inventive plot rife with allegorical subtexts. . . . A surprisingly strong first effort from a writer whose short works have already made a mark.”
— William D. Gagliani; Cemetery Dance magazine (July 2003). To read the entire review, click here.

“Very highly recommended. . . . Organ Donor is a thrilling read that once you start, you won’t want to put down.”
— Celia A. Leaman;

“I don’t recall the last time I tore through a story this fast. . . . The Organ Donor finally does justice to this sub-genre.”
— Review by Andrew Monge, a Gorezone reader (March 2003)

“This story moves like a finely tuned Porsche on an open desert highway with no Smokeys in sight. That’s to say, Organ Donor moves fast.”
— Review by Bob L. Morgan, Jr.; Savage Night (February 2003). To read the entire review, click here.


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