Matthew Warner

The Unborn Miscarries

Deena’s official due date is tomorrow, so it’s kind of a horror enthusiast’s requirement that we spent tonight viewing The Unborn. It’s a horror movie about a woman haunted by her twin, who died while they were in utero.

*Spoilers ahead*

This movie started off well with good acting, cinematography, and soundtrack. It also had some neat scenes with ghost hauntings, like when the main character wakes up (in a dream, of course) to find herself pinned to her ceiling as she watches her ghost brother assault a mirror image of herself by ripping a big hole in her uterus and thrusting his hands into it. It did become a little tiresome, however, when the sound level tripled during the monster-jump-out-at-you moments. Also, some of the “red shirt” characters became predictable, meaning it was perfectly obvious when someone was going to get killed.

But I can forgive little flaws like this. The unforgivable sin is when a story just stops making any fucking sense. Here are Deena’s and my questions. Anyone who has seen this movie, would you please enlighten us with the answers:

1. If the dybbuk can possess anyone he wants, and if possession is his goal, then why does he even bother with terrorizing Casey?

2. Since it is proven he can possess anyone he wants, why not just possess her unborn baby . . . the end?

3. Where the hell is her father during all this when everyone is dropping like flies around her?

4. When the dybbuk possesses the pastor, why does the pastor want so badly to kill the boyfriend and her? Likewise, when the dybbuk later possesses the boyfriend, why does he want to kill Casey? If it is his goal is to possess her unborn babies, then he shouldn’t want any harm to come to her.

5. How did the exorcism finally work when it clearly didn’t have any effect at the beginning and when they skipped the whole middle of the ritual?

6. How on Earth could having a twin who died when she was in utero suddenly cause Casey’s eye color to change when she is an adult? Her doctor acted like this was a perfectly normal thing — and for some unexplained reason acted like it was a threat to her health — so obviously the sudden eye color change did not have a supernatural cause.

And finally, 7., Are we the only people who think that the actress’s resemblance to Jennifer Connelly must have played a role in her getting this part? And, goddammit, why utilize Gary Oldman if he’s only going to be a minor character? I mean, Jesus Christ, give him his wand back or something.