Matthew Warner

Time Travel to the Silver Screen

Movies can take a long, twisted road to production, and my screenplay titled "The Good Parts" has been no exception.  Based on an unpublished short story, the script was originally in production a couple years ago with an indie filmmaker before things fell apart.  Thankfully, a first-class independent director, John Johnson of Red Army Films (part of Darkstone Entertainment), has resuscitated it.

The movie is set to start shooting next month in Charlottesville, VA.  It’s a story about time travel and how opposites can sometimes attract.  What happens when a nerdy white guy with the ability to skip through time (played by Christopher J. Duncan) romances a beautiful black woman (played by Monique Dupree) who can slow time down?

I had a long dinner meeting with Johnson on Monday.  He’s an impressive young guy who’s garnered quite a lot of attention recently with his plans to remake the classic film, Plan 9 From Outer Space. With more than 100 films under his belt, he commands an extensive apparatus of connections in Central Virginia, with an ability to marshal actors, locations, and technical know-how at a pace that’s making my head spin. I didn’t find out until after we connected that his aunt is Sandi Belcher, who directed me in the stage debut of Shenandoah Moon.

Once it’s made, distribution plans include a film festival run and having it available for free viewing online. In the meantime, I’ll endeavor to blog about the production as it proceeds.  Being able to participate in a film’s creation on this level is a first for me, and I believe others will find the process just as fascinating.