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Halloween News

October 31, 2016

What, nothing about the election this time, Matt? That’s right, I’m here to make you happy! Three quick items.

  • I’m hard at work on a new project for White Noise Press, a “publisher of hand-crafted, limited edition unique fiction & art since 2006.” Editor Keith Minnion posted this comment on Facebook this morning:

    Next up from White Noise Press, releasing in the Spring of 2017, a new story by Matthew Warner. Here is what we asked from Matt:

    “What I would like is the most extreme, out there, outrageous story you have ever written, in whatever genre you choose, hopefully something that no other market in their right mind would touch with a ten-foot halberd. My only restrictions are: no child-in-peril or domestic/sexual abuse as a plot point. I would like to publish it in the March-April timeframe, but if it takes longer, no biggie.”

    We also are fortunate to be able to feature Matt’s better half, the multi-talented Deena Warner, who will be doing the cover art.

    On the way from White Noise Press!

    I was quite relieved to receive his message as I was concerned about the propriety of what I’m writing for him. But now, I am . . . unshackled. (Sorry, couldn’t resist an election reference.)

  • h2016-large

  • Deena’s collectible Halloween card is in the mail. It features a story by Monica J. O’Rourke as disturbing as Deena’s illustration. This has been an annual tradition for 15 years. Deena’s M.O. is to draw or paint something and then invite someone to write a story based on it. I wrote “Life Insurance” for her in 2005; you can read it in Dominoes in Time. The card is free; just sign up to get one next year.
  • Over at Deena Warner Design, we launched a major website for Richard Chizmar today. Another major website launches this week for another well-known author. I can’t say who it is except he strongly resembles Santa Claus. We have a special going on for economically priced websites, you authors and publishers out there.

Horror After Dark reviews DOMINOES IN TIME

April 20, 2016

Horror After Dark just ran a 4.5-star review of Dominoes in Time. Here’s an excerpt:

Matthew Warner has penned an impressive collection of tales that will transport you to places and scenes you’ve never imagined. … Matthew Warner has such a variety of ideas collected here, that I am certain every horror fan will find something that resonates with them. Highly recommended!

I’m so glad the good reviews are continuing to roll in. Buy your copy, eh?

5-star review of DOMINOES IN TIME

April 3, 2016

Andreya’s Asylum has this to say within its 5-star review of Dominoes in Time:

“My first instinct is to go out and buy everything I can find by Matthew Warner, because all I want is more. My second is to tell you to do the same. To say that this man can write is an understatement. His prose is brilliant, witty, and unabashedly his own.” 5 stars

It’s nice to get reviews like that!

Interview with SF Signal

March 23, 2016

SF Signal just published an interview with me, “Plan 9” Is Back! Matthew Warner Novelizes the Remake of the Notorious Zombie Movie. It goes into the process of novelizing the Plan 9 movie and putting together Dominoes in Time. Check it out!

Beneath The Underground reviews DOMINOES IN TIME

March 2, 2016

Another good book review is in about Dominoes in Time. The website Beneath The Underground has this to say in part: “Although he’s an accomplished novelist and has written screenplays he really shines as a short story writer. … this is very much worth your time and money.”

Interview in News Leader

February 28, 2016

My local newspaper ran a nice profile piece in the Sunday edition. It covers lots of topics, including Dominoes in Time, Plan 9, and family life. My favorite lines are those about my kids.

TV appearance: Taco Society Presents

February 20, 2016

During Tony Tremblay’s recent trip to Virginia, I was fortunate to be a guest on his cable-access TV show, “Taco Society Presents.” It was a wide-ranging interview with Nanci Kalanta and Tony about my different books, writing process, and home life.

Here’s the video, queued to begin at the start of my interview. Also be sure to watch Nanci Kalanta’s interview immediately before and Dave Simms’s interview afterward.

Watch me read “And That’s When the Bathroom Exploded”

January 22, 2016

Video footage from my reading at The French Press cafe on Jan. 19, 2016. Enjoy!

Collection on Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot

January 21, 2016

I’m pleased to report DOMINOES IN TIME has made it onto the 2015 Bram Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection, which is awarded annually by the Horror Writers Association. This represents a first cull; there’s one more to go before the Final Ballot, at which point the book would be considered a nominee.

Members will select final nominees from the Preliminary Ballot in February, and then have another round of voting from the Final Ballot to select the award winners. The HWA’s StokerCon convention will be held May 12-15 in Las Vegas.

Reading & Book Signing

January 18, 2016

Come hear me read from Dominoes in Time on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. at The French Press coffee house in Waynesboro, VA. Afterward, I’ll answer questions and autograph books.